I’m Dan – a scientist and puzzle maker living near London, England.

Recently I’ve been working as a researcher and question writer for several television quiz shows, and some pilot quizzes, including Two Tribes and Only Connect on BBC TWO. I co-created and hosted my own quiz show ‘Accumulate!’ whilst studying at Reading University. I’ve been on a fair few quiz shows in my time too, I love the competition.

I love writing and setting puzzles, which you can see on my Puzzles page. I’m the head organiser of the London branch of Puzzled Pint, a monthly gathering of people to solve puzzles in a pub! Think of it as essentially a pub quiz, but with puzzles rather than questions.

Before the telly work I was a meteorology student for two (count ’em!) degrees from 2004-2012, focussing on air pollution in coastal regions for my riveting 200 page thesis. Technically that makes me Doctor Daniel Peake, but you may call me Sir, Lord, or Your Majesty. I’m happy with any of those. As part of my undergraduate degree, I lived in in Oklahoma for a year to study weather at the National Weather Center there, and I hold that part of the world (and its weather) close to my heart. I did go storm chasing a fair few times and ended up seeing four of them in one day.

Those seem to be the two major themes in my life – science, and puzzles. At this moment I can’t say for sure which avenue I should keep following for my career, but time will point the way.

In my spare time I enjoy running middle-distances, typically 5 to 10k, and I’m a big cryptic crossword fan (see my 2500 Clue Challenge from 2013!).