Under the weather….

September 29, 2010 at 3:00 PM

I try not to moan, sometimes successfully, sometimes not so. This will be the latter. My main gripe is this:
I’VE NOT SEEN THE SUN FOR THREE DAYS. It’s been completely grey and gloomy (and drizzling all day today) in Reading for the past three days. There is sunshine on the way tomorrow though, but I think I’ll have to get my daylight box out of my cupboard and start putting it to use again! It’s the main thing I miss about living in Oklahoma – the weather. The default weather in the Oklahoma was sunny, with the occasional fun and sparky thunderstorm. The default weather in Reading is cloudy with the occasional drenching drizzle. Could we swap the climates please? Thanks.

I’m heading off to Swanage for a week off next week, I hope that the weather will be better than it has been this week! It’s the same week as Freshers Week, which I’m both happy to miss (too many people!) and unhappy to miss (I was hoping to film stuff for RU:ON). Afterwards, term starts, and I’m looking forward to seeing the undergrads again.

Hmm. Highs of approximately 30C in Oklahoma this week. Excuse me whilst I ratchet up the central heating of my house….


September 23, 2010 at 11:00 PM

Admit it! Who did Ctl-Alt-Del when fiddling with my website, hmm? You there, shuffling nervously at the back, was it you?

Well, regardless, I’ve been meaning to get the site back up to scratch, and it’s starting with this reboot. Sadly, it looks like all my previous posts, all 252 of them, will be lost in the ether forever. If I can find a way of getting them back up, I will.

Here’s to the future!