October 31 – The Quantum Physicists Day…

November 2, 2010 at 1:15 PM

I say this, because the 31st of October is (of course) Halloween. It’s an interesting day, as you can never determine whether I’ll be in the house or not until you knock on my door. If you’re not a trick or treater, I’ll be in. If you’re a trick or treater, I’ll be out – just like Schrodingers Cat, you won’t be able to tell if I’m in the house until you try to find out. Amazing.

The fact that it is also my Nan’s birthday on Halloween (making her a witch, naturally), means I’m usually out anyway. In fact, this Halloween was the 1 year anniversary of accidentally running my phone over with a car whilst going to my Nan’s birthday party. It didn’t quite survive – while the phone would still turn on, the touchscreen didn’t work. Not useful.

I’ve been taking the occasional dance lesson recently (ok, for a year). I’m not a hardcore Strictly fan, but I will watch it if I happen to turn over to it. I did a particularly enjoyable Samba yesterday, the first time I’ve actually been able to master the basic bouncy moves. I do hope to be able to learn other steps soon though.

I guess, with nothing else to say, I’d better say CHA CHA for now! Ahem. Sorry. A bit.