An anti-stain

March 19, 2011 at 8:44 PM

I have an ‘anti-stain’ in my room – it’s a region where the carpet is much cleaner than the rest of the room.

This morning, after showering, I brought a full pint glass of ribena up to my room. Ribena is one of the most purple liquids out there, except for solutions of potassium permangenate. Made from blackberries, it can stain most light coloured things it comes into contact with.

So, *of course* I had to knock over the entire pint of ribena onto my *cream coloured* bedroom carpet. Murphy, your Law of Sod bites me in the behind once more.

To clear this up I went into down and bought some carpet mousse and I’ve given it a good scrub and it’s come up as good as new….. but it’s the only part of the carpet now that is clean! The stain has turned into an anti-stain. It looks like I’ll be doing much more carpet cleaning tomorrow….