Moving Season

April 25, 2011 at 10:31 PM

It’s been nearly a year since I moved into my current house, a whopping 12 doors away from my old house, and that means either it’s time to renew or move house. I’ve chosen, mainly due to the landlord wanting to sell the house, to move. A good choice there, I thought.

So, I’ve found a decent house, about half a mile away from where I am now, with nice decor (taste permitting), good security (thief permitting), a low maintenance garden (gravel-raking permitting) and a room that faces west with LOTS of sunny shiney sunshiney stuff (nature permitting). The people I’ll be moving in with are also pretty nice (lack-of-naked-me permitting)

The catch: The move in date is one month after the move out date of my current contract. The solution: move home, get meals cooked and laundry done (although I may be completely wrong about that), and pay fewer bills. All told, not a bad solution – the commute to work is a bit strained though, so I’ll only be in work a couple of days a week. I’ll just have to work from home… oh the trials and tribulations of being a PhD student. I do realise how cushy I’ve got it, and the thought of joining the Real World and getting a Proper Job fills me with fear and turns my trousers a different colour.

Still, work is progressing well on the PhD. Results are plopping out of the super computer pleasingly frequently! I’ve just got to start writing up the results and present my work at some conferences. Ideally, I hope to submit before Christmas this year (2011) and then write up papers for the scientific commumity for three months in 2012. Then…. onwards, upwards, outwards, skywards and maybe even jobwards!

Accumulate Grand Final is Live!

April 1, 2011 at 12:11 PM

CAN YOU CONTAIN THE EXCITEMENT? Oh, you can. Well, anyway, the grand final of Accumulate is here!

Amongst other things see: Board games, wires on the floor, bad puns, a close contest and a man with a duck on his head.

All this, and more, await you. Thankyou for the support you’ve shown! We couldn’t do it without the encouragement.