Brace Thyself

May 10, 2011 at 12:31 PM

I’ve waited a week to write this post, because I didn’t want the first day’s experience to turn out to be a momentary blip. Sadly, it isn’t, but it’s getting better…

One week ago today, I had an Inman Aligner brace put in my mouth to try and correct the crooked upper set of teeth that I have. They looked a bit like a scree slope, and I want them put straight. The Inman Aligner is basically a spring loaded brace, with one plate pushing the teeth forward from behind and one pulling the teeth back from the front, ‘squeezing’ the teeth into place as it were.

I was warned there would be ‘mild discomfort’ and that I’d have a lisp for a bit. Mild discomfort, you say? If the past week has been mild discomfort then I wouldn’t like to know what pain actually is! Mild discomfort – my buttocks! All this week has been a very painful experience as the teeth get used to the idea of having to move in my mouth. Eating has been painful too, I can’t put any pressure on my teeth, and I’m now very self consious about eating in public. It’s most painful after just taking out / putting in the brace, as there’s the change of pressure then.

Having said that, the ‘mild discomfort’ is now easing, with the past 48 hours (whilst not pain free) getting much better. The severe lisp that I had initially (I was able to say “shuffering shuckatash” extremely well) has half gone, but I still can’t quite speak properly.

I don’t want to appear like I’m bad mouthing (haha!) the Inman Aligner, at least not yet. It’s much quicker than other dental methods, and also cheaper, and maybe I’m a complete wimp for not dealing with the pain. It only kept me awake two nights, after all. But I do think that, with the discomfort lessening, that the pros will now start to outweigh the cons, and in just 4 (ish) months time, I’ll have a nice straight set of teeth.

Then you can punch me in the mouth for telling bad puns, and I’ll start the start the treatment again.

Edit, mid-June: I’ve now been wearing the brace for three and a half weeks and the pain has finally subsided. It’s actually not uncomfortable to wear now, easy to take in and out. There were just a few initial teething difficulties where it was getting the teeth to move in the first place, but that pain has now gone thankfully. Fingers crossed, it will uncross my teeth.
Further edit, early-July: Well, things have moved on tremendously, it’s really straightened my teeth up. I’ll admit to being sceptical, but the difference the brace has had to far after nine weeks is amazing. The dentist even reckons it could be done within one more month! I’ll post up before/after pics as the difference is quite astounding.