Cross Words

May 12, 2011 at 7:08 PM

I do enjoy attempting The Guardian’s daily cryptic crossword. I don’t often complete it with out help. To appear intelligent on a train I tend to fill the extreme sudoku in with random numbers. Sometimes with greek letters. Sometimes even with heiroglyphs (I know six!). But the crossword… that’s an entirely different beast.

Previous to today, I’ve solved it twice without any aids at all. The first was whilst I was rehearsing to be the narrator for a panto. The second was when I was trying to avoid work at absolutely all costs. It appears that I have to be unfocused from work to do the crossword properly. I have to disengage my brain from useful things, rotate it 90 degrees to look at the world sideways, and jiggle it about a bit to make the neurons talk to each other. It’s not a pretty sight for the others in my office.

Today was another of Those Days where things go in fits and starts. In between productive bits and during lunch break, I looked at the guardian crossword. I was able to solve just three clues, rubbish. I decided to try the Financial Times cryptic instead, and I made swift progress on it and have solved it all… except three clues.

Adding it all together, this means I’ve solved the crossword today, right? Right?! Oh. 🙁