May 30, 2011 at 9:39 PM

The weekend before last I went orienteering around Reading University campus. It was a free event hosted by the Berkshire Orienteering Society. It is very surprising just how lost you can get in a space you know – or think you know – very well. I decided to (read: was pressured into) doing the long course rather than medium. The long course was 6.4km as the crow flies from orienteering control to control, which accounts for about 10km of actual running. It was great fun… but not the *best* idea to do the day before you move house. It was the first time I’d gone running in several months, so I had the standard aches and pains for a couple of days afterwards. I felt like I was creaking out loud everytime I moved boxes up and down the stairs!

I had a very random day last Wednesday. Who needs context? Here’s some titbits:
– I accidentally caught the bus from Thatcham to Reading
– There was a swarm of bees outside our department
– I walked passed a man boasting “I FELL OVER FOUR TIMES!”
– I got mango chutney on my sleeve.

All in all, a standard day there.