Does Not Compute

June 14, 2011 at 8:47 PM

You know you’ve been working hard all day when you start thinking: “wow, those data files are small, they’re only 2010 bytes”, only to realise later that 2010 was the date.

It doesn’t happen often, but today has been one of those working hard days! Shock, horror, amazement! I’m sure normal service will be resumed shortly though, I’m not sure I could cope with two whole days of work…. could I?!

In other news, I’ve not yet won any lottery jackpot. 🙁

Memory Lapse… WIN!

June 11, 2011 at 5:20 PM

Last Monday I had the pleasure of having a day away from my rubber cell and I went to Thorpe Park with seven friends. We were all meant to meet up at Wokingham Station at 8:55 so we could all go in two cars for a quick 30 minute journey to the Park.

Myself and Jon were going by train to the station, the others by car. I got on the Reading to London Waterloo train and waited for Jon to join me at Earley so that we could both get off at Wokingham. However, when he got on at Earley, he didn’t find me and as such when we arrived at Wokingham station, the thought going through my head was “Jon will be getting on here” not “Jon and I should get off here”. As such, and this is in no way Jon’s fault, I forgot to get off the train to meet up with friends. I am a complete moron for forgetting to get off, we’d been talking about the travel arrangements for days!

Luckily, the very train I was on also went to Staines, where you can get a bus to the park. So, to try and save face, I instigated a top gear style race to get to Thorpe Park – car vs public transport. I was at an early disadvantage in that the train would be taking a long and slow route and then the bus would also be quite slow. I was delighted to find out that the cars were struck in traffic in Bracknell – I could see the traffic jam from the train! My train was then delayed at Ascot… which was also the scene for a second traffic jam for the cars.

After getting off the train, and taking time to pay my excess fair, I waited for the bus and found out I was about 30 minutes in the lead, and not even Staines traffic could prevent me from reaching the park first! WOOHOO! I’m very relieved I didn’t make the other seven wait for me.

It turned out that my excess fair ticket was still usable – somehow – and so when one of my friends felt ill, he used it to go home early along with the bus return ticket that I wasn’t expecting to buy. So despite the huge idiocy of forgetting to get off the train, it all worked out very nicely. Aside from the ill friend, a good time was had by all. I went on Stealth and I’d forgotton just how BLOODY FAST it goes. I challenged Jon to name as many animals as he could beginning with C during the ride, and he manage a respectable 4 – cat, cow, carp and cock. He later admitted that he only said the last one as an expletive, and didn’t realise it counted! Well done that man.