July 5, 2011 at 8:21 PM

Something bothers me about my music collection in iTunes – and not just the large quantities of 80s poptastic cheese – all the files are in their folders on my computer as normal (maybe 100 or 150 folders), but they appear as thousands of albums. This really really irritates me, and so I decided to empty the database and import the music back into iTunes once again. THIS HAS TAKEN OVER AN HOUR SO FAR, and my computer is by no means shabby. It’s driving me mad, and it really is enough to drive me away from my iPhone, the iTunes management side is terrible. I really don’t like it.

There is a phone at the moment that I really really want, it’s the HP Pre3 and the associated TouchPad. I do love the WebOS operating system – i had the original Palm Pre a couple of years ago. The reason I got rid of it was the lack of apps that WebOS has. I’m hoping this is starting to change, but it’s a change that’s so slow you can witness continents moving in the meantime. I’m hopeful that the WebOS platform will start to take off under HP’s guidance, but they’ve had it for months now and no real change has happened yet… I’m still hopeful though! I do love the look and performance of the Pre (aside from pitiful battery life), and I really really REALLY want a Pre3 and a TouchPad tablet that all talk to each other. I don’t have the necessary £400 to buy the tablet and (expected) £350 to buy the phone though. So, if anyone is feeling generous…. you known what I really want. Thanks in advance.

Speaking of which, it’s the £150m Euromillions Draw tonight. I’d really quite like to win the jackpot all to myself, because I can’t quite think for the life of me what I would actually do with the money. It’s just way too much. I’d like to have fun finding out though…