Love heart count: love.

February 22, 2012 at 10:40 PM

I’ll quickly first say that episode three of our latest series of game show I host, Accumulate!, is now available at . We had fun making it, hopefully someone, somewhere, enjoys watching it.

It’s come to my attention that it was Valentine’s day recently. I’ve been having a craving for love hearts as a result. For some reason, I really like the pink and white ones the most. However, I’ve been to six shops, and NONE of them stocked any love hearts!!! Astonishing! The local Sainsburys, the shop at the end of my road, the cafe at work, the shop on campus at uni and a Tescos local all had no love hearts – I had to go to the large Sainsbury’s in town and even they didn’t have the normal packets but special packets of small tubes (each with seven sweets). Very disappointing. I may have to investigate further to see if I can get a regular supplier. I hope they don’t hook me in, then raise the price and force my addicted self to sell my belongings to get more. I could end up doing that with love hearts if I’m not careful.

Thesis update! First draft written (except conclusions), second draft started (2/6 edited), third draft is waving at me cheerily in the distance. It’s currently 118 pages and about 30,000 words. I’ve been funded to study up until the end of March, so I’m now starting to look for jobs that begin in April. If anyone out there is impressed with Accumulate!, please send me an email and I’d like to get involved in some telly production! Oh, the vain hope that someone will read this and *actually* do that. The chances are better than winning the lottery… which is a shame, as I’ve never won the lottery. Could you buy us a ticket, love (heart)?

Could also be hot pants!

February 3, 2012 at 7:32 PM

Well, it’s turned nippy, hasn’t it! It’s gone from “nothing to write about mildness” to “flippin freezing” to “bugger me it’s sub-arctic”. Admittedly it’s only 0C during the day and -5C at night, nothing compared to what Central Europe and Western Asia are dealing with, but as a result my thermostat’s been trying to recreate the atmosphere of Barbados in our house to compensate.

For the weather literate amongst you, one of the highest pressure centers I’ve ever seen has been siutated over Siberia, extending from as far west as the UK and as far east as Japan, bringing anomalously cold (but sunny!) weather our way. Luckily we haven’t had much disruption from any snow, but that might change over the weekend. I don’t reckon Reading will be too badly affected, we might get a light dusting of snow, but London and anywhere east of Reading is likely to get quite a bit of snow.

For the weather illiterate, isn’t it bloody cold and aren’t snowflakes pretty.

Thesis update!! A first draft of all chapters (except conclusions) has been written, it’s 100 pages long and 25,000 words. Work on the second draft has begun, and hopefully will be finished before the end of this month.

After a long wait, it won’t be long until the game show that I present for the student television at Reading University will be back on air! Filming of the fourth and final series of Accumulate! has nearly wrapped. You can watch previous shows of my masterful performance skills (ahem) at , and click on Accumulate! An advert for the show will be appearing in the next few days, and the show itself will be on the air within three weeks. There are seven shows in this series, which is sponsored by – they kindly provided the prizes and are, all in all, an awesome shop for all your board and card gaming needs.

Well, that’s enough writing from me. I’m off to try and warm myself up by clothing my lower half in radiators. Now that really is a pair of thermal leggings! Or hot pants, of course.