Trip to France, Part 1!

June 22, 2012 at 9:19 PM

Highlights of Day 1 of my trip to France:
Easy trip to Dover. I slept a bit.
Rough crossing across the channel! Rough as in big waves, not as in the east end of London. Although…
LOOOOOOOOONG traffic jam around Paris. Added about 3 hours to the journey. I slept a bit.
Currently staying in Orleans in the center of France. As we got here late (9:30pm), we had a KFC equivalent that was actually very tasty and in a restaurant that wasn’t a dive.
Now, I’m about to go to bed, ready for tomorrow’s trip down to a town just south of Millau, France. I’ll sleep a bit.

I’ll keep you updated about other trivial facts thoughout the week!