An Apple a day… is very expensive…

July 25, 2012 at 8:46 PM

I saw in a few news articles today that Apple, who “only made $8.8billion”, said consumers holding out for the next version of the iPhone were the result of these disappointing sales figures. I think they’re half right too, they’ve become so successful, their products so desirable, that when there’s the mere whiff of the next product on the horizon, everyone waits for it. They’ve become the victim of their own success!

I do own an iPhone (a 3GS, ancient technology!), and I do plan on updating it in the future. I’d love a MacBook air, as the laptop I’m currently using is going downhill rapidly. However, I think I’ll need to win the lottery to afford any Apple product.

Anyway, rant over. In other news, I have VERY VERY nearly finished my thesis! I’m hoping to submit it on Friday, it’s currently going through its final proofread. It’s 174 pages and approximately 36,000 of meteorological goodness. It’s called “Coastal Influences on Air Pollution”, and will not be available in any good bookshops. Sorry!

After this, I hope to blog a bit more regularly. The constant writing of the thesis was a proper albatross round the neck, and thus I didn’t want to spend any spare time (not that I had much) writing anything else.

In other news, our garden is home to a mummy hedgehog and three baby hedgehogs. Their calls are really loud – like a small birds! I’d never heard a hedgehog before, I always thought they’d “snuffle” (I don’t know why). Hearing them squeak and yell like that was quite a surprise!