Give it a go, then panic.

December 3, 2012 at 11:19 PM

This week I’m having a test week to see if my online resources for the 25oo Clue Challenge are up to the task. So, each day this week, I’m solving the Guardian’s crosswords. I’ll be putting up how many clues I solve in each crossword into a spreadsheet at , and I’ll also put up an image of each crossword so you can see how many I solve each day in its full horrific glory. Today’s first test crossword is at .

I don’t plan on uploading the picture each crossword every day, probably once or twice a week instead. Basically, as often as I can stomach. There will be more proactive times, there will be less. However, it is easier to edit the spreadsheet each day, so I’ll endeavour to update that every day (again not a guarantee, but should be at least once a week).

Today, 3rd Dec, I managed to solve a whopping 23 clues out of 30. This is quite a bit above average for me, but Rufus’s crosswords (and Monday crosswords in general) tend to be a bit easier than the rest of the week, to slowly ease you into it. I’m sure you’ll see, through the rest of the week, solving around 10 clues becoming normal.

I’ve already had a fantastic response to this challenge. I’ve already had £90 donated to ReThink, and I’ve not even started the challenge. You are of course welcome to make an instant donation on my JustGiving page: , but I’d prefer it if you would pledge instead. I’m after people to pledge JUST ONE PENNY PER CLUE that I solve. That will hopefully add up to around £25, and you’ve got a whole year to save up for it!

If I can get 20 people to pledge 1p per clue, then I’ll hit my £500 fund raising target if I get to 2500 clues. If you would like to pledge 1p per clue – email me at and I’ll add you to the list.