Testing the 2500 Clue Challenge

December 8, 2012 at 8:18 PM

This past week has been a test week for the 2500 Clue Challenge. I’ve used this week to test a few things, mainly checking how many clues I tend to solve per day, and how I update progress on a spreadsheet and flickr.

There were 145 clues in crosswords in total over the week, an average of 29 per day. This would imply that there would be around 7500 clues throughout the year, but that’s probably slight over-estimate. It’s pretty likely there will be between 7000 and 7500 clues over the year. I managed to solve 78 out of the 145 clues, a success rate of 54%. This is better than I was anticipating, although I did have all day to work on each one as I’m not currently employed, a situation which I hope will change early into the new year. Based on this, it looks like I should be able to hit 2500, and maybe even 3000 solved clues IF I try every day of the year and IF it all goes well. Two pretty big IFs there.

I’ve worked out how I’m going to blog my progress. I will occasionally update my progress here, and include a summary of my progress on the 2500 Clue Challenge main page, but mainly I’ll be updating my progress through an online spreadsheet that you can all see – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvH9W6C-9XHRdE8tZnRmSXRTekVZbUpaRWhzN0tyTVE#gid=3 . For example, right now you can see my statistics for the five Guardian crosswords I tried this week. I aim to update this spreadsheet several times a week.

To prove that I’ve also done the crossword, I shall post a picture online to my flickr account of each crossword attempt. Click here to see the photos from my attempts this week. I’ll update this as often as I can, but I plan on updating it once a week.

It’s been a great test week, and the response from the people I’ve told about the challenge has been fantastic. Not only have they really liked the idea of the challenge, but they have also been approving of the choice of charity –Rethink – and one comment I keep getting over and over is “I know someone who has had depression” or “I have had depression” and they also say they don’t know anyone else who has (or had) it. It’s one of those things where people tend to suffer in isolation and silence, thinking you’re alone, and yet most people know of people who have had depression and it’s so much more common than people think. In 2013 I want to raise awareness of depression, what it is, and just how common it is in the population. I’m doing that through this challenge, and people have already started donating to Rethink through my JustGiving page, which has been amazing as I haven’t even started the challenge!

To those who have shown their support to me so far (both financially and morally), I’d like to thank you and say that I can’t wait to start the challenge properly in a few weeks time. Needless to say that by around 7th January I’ll be well fed up of it, but until then let the good times roll!!