A pound per day… is agonisingly slow

December 16, 2012 at 1:55 AM

I would really quite like a tablet. No, not the little pill kind, although I’ll probably have a few of those too thanks. No, I mean the electronic computer kind. I’m not entirely sure whether I should get an iPad or not, I reckon I’m going to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for a few reasons, including that it includes a styles, the Android operating system makes file management a little easier, and it’s £320 compared to the iPad’s £400.

So, I’ve been saving up. But, I currently don’t have a full time job, which makes saving up money a little tricky. Since the beginning of October, I’ve made it my aim to save £1 per day towards the ‘tablet fund’. I’m not able to do this every day, as I can’t afford it, but I’ve done it on the days when I can afford it. I’ve also had some part time work with the gracious people at QuizQuizQuiz, and I’ve also had a birthday. From each of these, I’ve skimmed off half of my birthday money and £10 per session I’ve worked for QQQ, and put that towards the tablet fund.

It’s now the middle of December, and my tablet fund stands at £196, which I’m very pleased with. I’ve also got £40 in amazon vouchers which I’ve saved up for the past six months, so that takes my total to £236. I’m also owed £40 from various sources for selling some of my old DVDs, of which £20 will go into the tablet fund, making the total £256. So, to get to the magical £320 mark, I need £64. I’m quite proud of myself for being patient so far… but that sixty four pounds equates to another two months and it thus won’t be until February that I get the tablet. My patience is wearing a little thin!

Of course, I might get a bit of money at Christmas, of which half will be put towards the tablet fund and the other half towards, well, rent and living and eating. So that could speed things along a few days. Fingers crossed that at the beginning of February, I’ll be the owner of a shiny new tablet. I will hopefully reward my patience! I’m also well aware that in other parts of the world, people live on less than £1 per day, so I am very thankful that I am able to put aside what is, to me, such a small sum of money towards a bigger goal.