Half filled.

December 30, 2012 at 9:37 PM

Today, I found that half of the filling from one of my teeth has gone missing. There’s now a nasty hole in one of my teeth on the left hand side of my mouth. So, new year, new filling, and open wallet surgery!

I’m actually in a bit of a pickle here. A lodger in my house also lost a filling recently, at the end of October he got too enthusiastic with a piece of crackling. It took him over a month to get a proper appointment at the local dentist, they insisted he had a check-up first (which is fair enough). The problem is, the check up was 2 weeks later and the appointment to fill the filling two three weeks after that, he was finally seen at the beginning of December to have the filling.

Now, I could go to a private dentist of course, but I can’t afford that. So, I’m anticipating about a four week wait in between going to the dentist tomorrow, and actually having the filling. Anyway, the reason I’m in a pickle is this: I’m hoping to get a job within the next few weeks. I should hear this week about a job I was interviewed for in mid-December. Essentially, I might be moving house within the next couple of weeks. So, if I do register with an NHS dentist here at home, I’ll have to reregister with another dentist and go through the whole rigmarole again if I move house.

So, what to do? I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and go to the dentist tomorrow. Incidentally, if you’re biting the bullet at a dentist, you really should consider going to a better one. If I get seen quickly, there’s a chance I’ll get my filling before I move. And the worst case scenario would only be paying for two check ups. The sooner I get the filling the better, as I am already starting to feel a few twinges in that tooth…