WEEK ONE. Exit silent wreck.

January 6, 2013 at 5:50 PM

Now that I have attempted more than one crossword, I thought I’d provide a quick update! Four crosswords this week, as Monday was Dec 31 2012 and the challenge didn’t start until Tuesday. I solved 53 out of 119 clues this week, which puts me about a day ahead of where I should be! I have been quite enthusiastic about it this week – and I’m still blissfully denying that it’s a whole year long challenge at this point. It’ll sink in, oh help me when it does!

It’s a promising week ahead, I have a job interview with a company in London on Monday. I’m quite excited about this job actually. I’m yet to hear back about the job in Reading that I had an interview for before Christmas. They’re taking their time, I hope they can get back to me soon as I’ve a sneaking suspicion that the London job will nip in and hire me first! What I’m saying is, by the end of this week, I’d-like-a-job-please-thank-you-very-much-where’s-the-cheque-money-money-money-oh-you-want-me-to-work-for-it-ok-I-guess-I-will-then.