May update!

June 4, 2013 at 9:18 PM

I’ve just sent out this email as part of the 2500 Clue Challenge update for May. If you would like the PDF attachment referred to in the email, please email me at . Equally, please use the same email address to contact me to be added to the list for future 2500 Clue Challenge updates.

Hello everyone, welcome to June. She’s been rather welcoming so far, hasn’t she?

May was quite an action packed month, I had two job interviews, I had my last day as a weather forecaster before taking a job in a different field, and I had a five day holiday on the south coast. It turns out the internet has yet to reach parts of the south, so I had to buy The Guardian to continue the challenge every day. £1.40 FOR A NEWSPAPER. ONE POUND FORTY. PER DAY. Ridiculous.

Now that I’ve got that out of my system, it was a good month for clue solving, aided by a week on holiday where I was able to spend a bit more time on crosswords than I had previously done. I solved 266 out of 614 clues, taking me to 1,095 clues in total! That’s right, I’ve now solved over 1,000 clues! I’ll send a separate email with what to do if you would like to donate up to the £10 level now.

This month’s Clue Of The Month is simply superb, and could end up clue of the year if it’s not careful! Here’s this month’s clue, and the answer is at the end of the email: Rupert Murdoch is old. (6,3,5)

One of the things I’ve done for the past two to three months is try to lessen the things I have to do to look after myself. I find I get overloaded very quickly if I have lots to do, and one of the big things that has I have to do every day is eat – and I’m usually way too tired and just not willing to cook for myself after work each day. So I decided that I would not cook dinner until I feel better. Instead, I’ll either eat food from a local take-away or have a microwaved meal from the freezer.

Now, I’m not recommending that you should go and do exactly this if you have depression – for some people depression suppresses their hunger rather than enhances it like it does with me – but I do recommend taking steps where you lessen some of the burden on yourself. For me, that was (and is) cooking for myself in the evenings.

Yes, I don’t eat particularly healthily or cheaply (although it’s not as expensive as you’d first think using supermarket ready meals), but it’s one less thing I have to do for myself and not having the expectation of having to cook for myself has certainly helped.

I have made a little PDF leaflet of what my 2500 Clue Challenge is all about that you can share and send to people, and I’ve included it as an attachement to this update.

I now have a new job with ITV, where I’m in a development team coming up with new quiz and game show ideas. I have a 90-120 minute commute each way every day, so we’ll see if that time will help me solve more clues.

The answer to Clue of the Month is: Behind the times (double definition). A brilliant clue.

Until next month (and of course my 1,000 clue reminder coming soon), happy puzzling.