The Crystal Maze turns 25 today!

To celebrate the fact that the most iconic game show of them all, The Crystal Maze, turns 25 today, I’ve worked out some stats about the show. And yes, of course I’ve watched every single episode of The Crystal Maze, it’s simply brilliant. I’d also like to sat that whilst it’s an iconic show that I’d love to see be remade, I can’t see it ever matching the original. I reckon it’s had its time and even though it’s aged really well and has fantastic appeal, despite what others say in the media about bringing it back, I don’t want to see it return. At the moment it’s an iconic piece of television, and I don’t want it to be tarnished. Without further ado… STATISTICS!

It broadcast 83 episodes over 6 series, including five childrens specials where you got to yell at kids missing the obvious rather than adults missing the obvious.

The four initial zones were Aztec, Medieval, Futuristic and Industrial. From Series 4 onwards, Ocean zone replaced Industrial as it was a bit too similar to Futuristic.

The most number of Crystals won [well, that the team had at the end] in a show was 10 (on five occasions) and the lowest was 1 (on two occasions, Eps 4×03 and 5×13. The teams won more crystals than this but chose to buy out lots of people).

The average time spent in the Crystal Dome was 30.8 seconds. 18 out of the 83 teams won the Grand Prize.

The average number of Crystals won in an episode was 6.687, but the average number of lock-ins per episode was 0.867 and the average number of buyouts was 0.53. This meant that if you were unfortunate enough to get locked in, there was a 39% chance of rotting in that cell for all eternity.

Mathematically, it is only correct to buy out a person when you have a greater number of Crystals than people left in the team (assuming the person is any good at collecting tokens in the Crystal Dome).

The easiest zone was Aztec, with an average of 1.843 Crystals won there per show. The hardest zone was Futuristic, with 1.434 Crystals won per show.

The best performance in the Crystal Dome was a final score of 154 tokens (Ep 3×02) and the worst was a score of -66 on two occasions (Eps 4×02, 5×01)

The average number of gold tokens collected in the Crystal Dome was 99.47, the average number of silver was 50.157 giving an average final score of 49.313.

Why yes, I AM single. What made you say that?

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  1. If I wanted to do so, I could run off at the mouth (or the keyboard) about “The Crystal Maze:”.

    I began using a computer in 2009, and soon discovered British game shows. After reading about them, one I wanted to see was “The Crystal Maze”. When I found it all there on YouTube, I started to see for myself. And, unencumbered by misty-eyed nostalgia, this Yank fell good and hard.

    Indeed, the day after I’d watched my first episode, I went out junkshopping, and found that there was a melody I could not get out of my head. It was the theme fro “The Crystal Maze”.

    Discovering “The Crystal Maze” led me to such shows as “The Chase” and “The Cube”. I’ve been touting all of these to various friends, and some have tasted of them and like them.

    If you’ve no objection, I’d like to expound at length about why this Yank is a fan of some of the best of the UK game shows-and is pleased when some of them are brought over here in US versions, and when they succeed (as has “The Chase”).

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