Things I’ve Learnt This Week 2…

February 21, 2015 at 7:11 PM

I also spill coffee on Thursdays. People have offered to buy me a tippy cup, the kind muppets.

You can buy $1 from the Post Office, but you’ll get a strange look when doing so. The reason I bought one dollar from the Post Office is my Mum was going away to the US for a 5 day holiday to celebrate a recent birthday (I won’t reveal her age but think diamond anniversary). I wanted to surprise her by putting some money in her card… so I told her not to open it until her birthday (whilst she was in the US) but I hope she didn’t mind me naughty but I put some extra money in her card for her. She was incredibly grateful and very much looking forward to seeing what was in the card, although she did have a few choice words for me when she had opened it (“don’t put me through that again!”).

You can put tin foil on your wall to increase the amount of light in the room when it’s sunny. The corner of the room which my desktop is in is the opposite corner to where the sun shines, so it’s quite dark. As I didn’t have a large mirror to put on the wall, I put tin foil to reflect where the sun does shine towards other parts of the room. Of course, once I put it up, the sun didn’t shine for eight days. But when the sun is out, it does work, it makes the room brighter. However, it looks terrible, it looks truly truly terrible. Not recommended if you like anything bordering tasteful furnishings.