Puzzlevent – two weeks in



We are now two weeks into Puzzlevent, my Puzzle Advent Calendar for 2018, and it’s going great. I’d estimate at least 100 regular solvers, based on the statistics I can see, and people do seem to be enjoying themselves. Day 3’s puzzle has been the hardest so far, there is one puzzle coming up that is equally difficult, or marginally harder, in my opinion. Good luck, peeps! Thank you for all the kind feedback, and I am really enjoying watching you solve.

All the puzzles can be found at bit.ly/puzzlevent , and hints appear 3 days after each puzzle is initially published – so you should be able to have a good crack at the first 10 or so and do well at them, hopefully!

If you are enjoying Puzzlevent, then please.consider making a donation to ko-fi.com/danielpeake , it will be hugely appreciated.


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