Thursday evenings at 8pm (UK time) – it’s Dan’s Quiz!

Watch at: twitch.tv/quizzydan

It’s a cross between quiz and bingo! Each week there are 40 questions, and you arrange the answers as you like on a bingo card. Then, the answers are revealed in a random order determined by bingo balls, and you mark off your correct answers. They’re each worth a point – as are completed rows, columns, diagonals and getting all four corners. You can even get bonus points you complete parts of the grid first. BUT – beware the dreaded fire balls – they could end the game early and leave your bingo card full of holes! Oh no!

Be prepared and print off a card using one of the links below!



NOTE: To win or score bonus points, you’ll need to tweet a photo of your grid to #DansQuiz on Twitter during the quiz before answers are revealed. You can still take part in Dan’s Quiz and score points, just not be eligible to be declared the winner. There are no prizes for winning, anyway!