I chaired a communal cryptic crossword compiling club on twitch, and released the following puzzles as a result:

I wrote 40-50 puzzles, including a mini-puzzle hunt, for ‘The Alan Turing Codebreaker Puzzle Book’, available at The Works and on Amazon! You can buy it here:

My crossword setting pseudonym is Everest, which I chose because it represents a mighty challenge but is ultimately conquerable (and wearing an oxygen mask during the attempt also helps).

Puzzled Pint
In the latter stages of 2013, I started organising Puzzled Pint in London, where people gather once a month in a pub in central London to solve custom written puzzles. It had been going for several years in the US, and Chris Milford-Dickson introduced me to the concept. I contacted the organisers to see if I could start it in the UK and Puzzled Pint London began. I have since moved away from London and have passed on the Puzzled Pint organising baton (and Covid has introduced its difficulties), but Puzzled Pint itself is still publishing monthly and goes from strength to strength.