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Slightly weirder than Inception…

January 27, 2011 at 12:52 PM

I’ve always had quite bizarre dreams. Monday night saw two for the price of one – I wonder what Freud would say…?

The first dream I had was that I was Jack Bauer, trying to prevent a bomb going off on a runaway train. I seem to remember getting to the bomb to try to deactivate it, realising it was about to blow up, getting off the train in true “leap and hope you land on something squidgy” fashion, and seeing the train explode. So much for saving the world then!

I then had a dream where I was represnting Scotland in the Eurovision Song Contest. It was being held in a large sports stadium, and I remember being backstage going “Why me? I can’t even sing! Why have they chosen me to represent them at singing?!” and having a right flap and panic. Luckily for all involved, I never actually got to the singing part of the dream, which would have probably seen me singing out loud in my real bed and waking up my housemate, my neighbours, my neighbours cat, people across the street, and any bodies in cemetries within a couple of miles.

And all that without eating cheese before bedtime.

Scan-iel Peake!

January 25, 2011 at 9:37 PM

Recently I’ve been having difficulty with breathing – nothing major (obviously, I’m still here!), just a near-permanent blocked nose that probably makes me snore like a trooper at night.

I saw the doctor about this back in the late summer / early autumn and finally it was found to be a polyp in the right side of my nose. It’s basically like having a pea in my my nose. Quite excitingly, I had a CT scan this week so that they could work out how to remove it. The machine was very cool, you lie down and are put in the centre of this donut type thing, it spins around you, and it’s over before it’s begun.

Apparently they built up a 3D image of my sinuses and I’ll hear how they’ll remove the polyp within two weeks. The tests on whether they could find a brain in my head remain inconclusive. Speaking of which, is it weird that I’ve called it Polly the Polyp?

Oh. It is.

Sleeplessness? Maths to the rescue!

January 22, 2011 at 2:11 PM

I do enjoy maths. I enjoyed (and still enjoy) the Maths Challenges for secondary school students run by ukmt.com , and I like “numerical crosswords” that are included in the crossword magazine Magpie (www.magpie.com). Occasionally I manage to solve a wordy cryptic crossword too.

The other night I was unable to sleep and I started thinking about one of the latest numerical crosswords I had solved. It occured to me that one of the clues “Palindromic prime” could not have four digits. To cut a long story short… within 30 minutes I’d realised that there can be no palindromic primes with an even number of digits, as they are all multiples of 11.

Talk about an over-active mind, all I wanted to do was sleep!! Still, it did help me get to sleep.

My PhD thesis plans have changed a bit recently, I now hope to submit in the first few months of 2012, as there have been a few techinical difficulties that we’ve had to overcome. One of the difficulties was the super computer that I use stopped working. I wish I could say the same about me!!

I dreamt last night that I was a small dog and I couldn’t bark. I hadn’t lost my voice completely, I was just a little husky. Boom boom!!

Word of the Day

December 14, 2010 at 1:11 PM

Pistachio – annoyed facial hair.

In other news, there’s currenly a two foot high cardboard shark fin being made in my office. So, all is normal…

Fatal Hair-ror

December 8, 2010 at 11:58 AM

I went into town earlier this week to get my haircut and also deposit my seven lovely winning £10 Walkers cheques from predicting rain. I’d gone just after work and I meant to change into an old jumper when collecting things from home so that, when I had the haircut, I wouldn’t have to deal with all the little itchy bits of hair on my work jumper. Sadly, I forgot to do this, and I had the haircut while wearing my work jumper. Doh!

This means I had to dump that jumper and wear a different one to work the next day. Oh, the travesty! Still, at least I look nice and presentable now. What do you mean “oh no you don’t”?!

CHILLY con carne…

December 6, 2010 at 2:20 PM

It’s turned a bit nippy outside, what with temperatures of -5C and all, and this has had profound effects on my heating bill. The downstairs of my house is quite drafty, so we’ve used double the gas to heat the house in November than in October. The upstairs gets quite toasty though, so I’m thinking of employing a large fan to waft the air downstairs into the living room. There’s no flaws in that plan whatsoever, even if you risk a decapitation when going up/downstairs.

I did receive a text from my Dad who’s currently on a cruise around the Mediterranean at the moment. At the time of writing, he was currently in Rhodes where it was 22C and sunny. Oh the schadenfreude of him currently being stuck in Spain due to the unofficial air traffic strike.

In Accumulate! news, filming has begun on Season 3 and there have been some terrible puns already. It’s shaping up to be a good season… More Accumulate! news will follow soon, but if you want to watch the previous season(s), then you can watch it here: http://www.ruon.tv/ondemand/episodes.php?serid=16 .

I’m off to light a small fire in our office to try to raise the temperature above freezing. Tata!

Lip Balm < Chapstick

December 2, 2010 at 3:22 PM

There can be no surer sign that winter has arrived than having chapped lips. My lips could be used as sandpaper, if the need arises!

So, to combat this, what product shall I choose? I know it’s an Americanism, but I’d prefer to use ‘chapstick’ rather than lip balm. Despite them being the same product, there’s something comforting to me about the word ‘chapstick’. Maybe it’s because it’s CHAPstick that makes it sound more tough and manly.

Having said that, I don’t have any lip balm or chapstick. I should probably buy some before my lips crumble off my face!

October 31 – The Quantum Physicists Day…

November 2, 2010 at 1:15 PM

I say this, because the 31st of October is (of course) Halloween. It’s an interesting day, as you can never determine whether I’ll be in the house or not until you knock on my door. If you’re not a trick or treater, I’ll be in. If you’re a trick or treater, I’ll be out – just like Schrodingers Cat, you won’t be able to tell if I’m in the house until you try to find out. Amazing.

The fact that it is also my Nan’s birthday on Halloween (making her a witch, naturally), means I’m usually out anyway. In fact, this Halloween was the 1 year anniversary of accidentally running my phone over with a car whilst going to my Nan’s birthday party. It didn’t quite survive – while the phone would still turn on, the touchscreen didn’t work. Not useful.

I’ve been taking the occasional dance lesson recently (ok, for a year). I’m not a hardcore Strictly fan, but I will watch it if I happen to turn over to it. I did a particularly enjoyable Samba yesterday, the first time I’ve actually been able to master the basic bouncy moves. I do hope to be able to learn other steps soon though.

I guess, with nothing else to say, I’d better say CHA CHA for now! Ahem. Sorry. A bit.

Under the weather….

September 29, 2010 at 3:00 PM

I try not to moan, sometimes successfully, sometimes not so. This will be the latter. My main gripe is this:
I’VE NOT SEEN THE SUN FOR THREE DAYS. It’s been completely grey and gloomy (and drizzling all day today) in Reading for the past three days. There is sunshine on the way tomorrow though, but I think I’ll have to get my daylight box out of my cupboard and start putting it to use again! It’s the main thing I miss about living in Oklahoma – the weather. The default weather in the Oklahoma was sunny, with the occasional fun and sparky thunderstorm. The default weather in Reading is cloudy with the occasional drenching drizzle. Could we swap the climates please? Thanks.

I’m heading off to Swanage for a week off next week, I hope that the weather will be better than it has been this week! It’s the same week as Freshers Week, which I’m both happy to miss (too many people!) and unhappy to miss (I was hoping to film stuff for RU:ON). Afterwards, term starts, and I’m looking forward to seeing the undergrads again.

Hmm. Highs of approximately 30C in Oklahoma this week. Excuse me whilst I ratchet up the central heating of my house….


September 23, 2010 at 11:00 PM

Admit it! Who did Ctl-Alt-Del when fiddling with my website, hmm? You there, shuffling nervously at the back, was it you?

Well, regardless, I’ve been meaning to get the site back up to scratch, and it’s starting with this reboot. Sadly, it looks like all my previous posts, all 252 of them, will be lost in the ether forever. If I can find a way of getting them back up, I will.

Here’s to the future!